Hello, world!

Who started this tradition anyway? (“Hello, world!”)

A ton of thoughts have been rolling around my head—some filled with excitement, others with confusion, and the rest with uncertainty. I’ve never been a person who’s able to commit my soul into a risky endeavor, and I suppose it applies to my journey through AppAcademy. I have only my motivation to keep me focused through the long weeks ahead of me.

With that out of the system, I promise to myself and this blog to keep my posts as objective as possible. I’m not certain how often I’d be able to blog new posts especially when class begins, but hopefully quite often!

If you’ve read this far, I guess I can at least introduce myself. My name is Hyung Chul Cho, twenty-two years old, born in South Korea, and moved to California at the age of three. I became quite fond of computers (moreso gaming…) at a young age, and learned my ins and outs of computers by looking over my father’s shoulder whose worked as a freelance web developer ever since I can remember. Economics was my field of interest in high school, but that could possibly be accredited to the fact that our Econ teacher was just the best (Mr. Levering, if you’re out there!), and I quickly fell in love with code during college. Things happened that prevented me from progressing through my courses, and now here I am—hoping to find solid ground through this program.

Now, what is AppAcademy? AppAcademy is a 12-week coding bootcamp held in both San Francisco and New York that teaches web development in a rigorous environment. At the end of the program, they boast a 98% employment rate and an average salary of $105,000 ($85,000 in NY) of which you pay 18% of your first year’s salary as tuition. Not hired? Don’t have to pay. There are certain qualifications to enter this payment program, and in the case you don’t qualify, they offer two alternative ways to pay for your tuition.

I’ve recently been accepted into their August 2015 cohort which starts on the 24th, and life has been hectic ever since. First off, living situation and costs of living. AppAcademy used to graciously offer their facilities to students part of their program to minimize commute time, but they’ve recently pulled their on-campus housing which meant that I’d have to figure out something suitable and fast. Luckily, after a week of searching through Craigslist and Airbnb, I found Inncubator; a startup dedicated to providing short term housing at an affordable cost.

Secondly, prep work. A load of assigned readings, assigned homework, all of which were thrown onto us the moment we got accepted. I’ve finished the initial prep work given on acceptance, but we’re now expected to put in around three hours a day for the next three weeks working on prep exercises. A very interactive side to this is that their TA’s are made to be available for our cohort from 6 to 8 P.M Monday through Thursday to answer questions on the exercises.

Lastly, getting ready to pack. By far the most boring part of prepping.. so we’ll skip this part.

All in all, I remain extremely excited and proud to be a part of this program, and I hope it’ll live up to my expectations. Exactly one month until launch!

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